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  • Is it Still Paint?

    Is it Still Paint?

    Technology isn’t something most people think of when it comes to paint, but at Benjamin Moore we’re constantly working to develop products that solve problems and make you rethink what paint can do. Since Benjamin Moore paint goes so far beyond your expectations of paint, it kind of makes you wonder...is it still paint?

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Equipment Rental

Please be aware that this equipment is professional grade and if not properly operated can cause personal injury and destruction of property.

Pressure Washer  $30.00  / 1/2 day 
                              $50.00 / day
                               $60.00 /  weekend 

Floor Machine    $200.00 /  day 

Wallpaper Removal Steamer  $35.00 / day
                                                 $55.00 / weekend     

Airless Paint Sprayer
With our paint  $50.00 / day  
With someone else's paint. $100.00 / day

HVLP Sprayer
With our paint $40.00 /  day 
With someone else's paint  $60.00 / day

We regret having to make the distinction between our paint and other paint manufacturers but with the increase of the cost of titanium oxide many manufacturers are using chalk and clay which are very abrasive and destructive to the Sprayers. The chalks and clays are in cheap paints and do not provide the superior white or durability that titanium oxide provides.